Use Zen Planner Scheduler to book:

  • Rockin' Ride Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Group Training
  • Assisted Stretching
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Nutrition Services
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Studio Rentals
  • Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties/Studio Rental:
​Want to host home party with a vendor (lula roe, tupperware, etc) but no place to have it? Well, did you know that we do studio rentals? $30 for the first 2 hours of party time and $15/hr after that. Exercise parties are also available, contact us for more information on pricing for instructors.

Meet with a nutritionist or Fitness Nutrition Specialist to get information and/or plans on healthy eating and weight loss strategies.  They'll keep you accountable daily and meet regularly to discuss progress.

Fitness Assessments:
Do you want to start an fitness program and have no idea where to start?  Meet with a NASM or ACE Certified Personal Trainer to assess your current fitness level and create a personalized fitness plan.

Foam Rolling and Assisted Stretching:
Have you been training hard? Are your muscles very tight and you need relief? Foam rolling or SMFR (Self-myofacial Release) is something that all active people should do routinely. Myofascia is connective tissue that encapsulates all of the muscles, blood vessels, organs, and nerves and also connects them all together. When an injury occurs, it is common for the myofascial covering to heel with adhesions. The compression movement techniques of foam rolling smooth out those areas more effectively than traditional stretching. 

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Personal Training:
NASM or ACE Certified Personal Trainers can create a workout plan designed specifically for you.  Do you want to lose body fat? Gain Strength? Train for a specific event like Tough Mudder? We can help!